The taste that supported by Sri Lankan customers not only Japanese expats.

You think Japanese food would not suit your palate, don’t you? Yes, certainly Japanese cuisine has some of foods that is very special such as sushi. Although Sushi is a food that represent Japanese food, we have many other foods that would become familier with foreigners. In fact, 80% of our customers are Sri Lankan people. It indicates that our Japanese food is suit for Sri Lankan people.
Actually there are some common points between Sri Lankan food and Japanese food. Firstly the culture of dried fish. Sri Lankan use dried fish for curry, it is also necessary ingredient for Japanese food. Japanese often bring broth out by dried bonito. It is like a “Maldive fish”, right?
Most of Sri Lankan say “Japanese food is not enough spicy”. How come!? Even Japanese food use red pepper, green pepper and mustard. We, ICHIBAN introduce Japanese food that Sri Lankan people would possibly like. Also you can choose “Spicy” or “Not spicy” in our restaurant.
Present day, Japanese might be able to propose new way of usage of spices. We are happy if it is us.

“Katsudon” that is possibly become a Sri Lankan new national food!?

Our signature food. Panko crumbed chicken(or pork) cutlet simmered with soya sauce and bonito flake based sauce with egg, and it is served on top of steam rice. You must try this!

Proudly affordable.

We want many Sri Lankan people to enjoy Japanese food.

Do not underestimate us because it is cheap price!
Our vision is “Japanese food which you first meet”. By providing cheap and quality Japanese foods, we want to be first Japanese restaurant which you experience.